Idea for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2007

Each year, MLK Jr. Day hits me harder than any other holiday, such a wallop of awe, hope, indignation, strength, and sorrow that I don't know what to do with myself.

This year, I have a plan. After listening to a few MLK Jr. compilations on CD, I picked a six-minute excerpt from an address he gave on June 17, 1962, at Zion Hill Church in Los Angeles. When I'm home for the holiday this January 15th, I will play the recording.

For my family and friends who won't be with me that day (and anyone else who likes this idea), here is the mp3:

06-17-62_MLKJr_Excerpt.mp3 (5:50, 5.5 MB)

If the audio doesn't work for you, click here for my transcription of the recording.

About the audio file: I copied the track from Martin Luther King, Jr.: We Shall Overcome, a site about all spongebob games CD released by SpeechWorks/ SoundWorks International, Inc., in 2000. On the CD, the track listing reads, "We Must Work," with June 17, 1966, as the date of the address. I learned through online research that the month and day are accurate but that 1962 is the correct year.


P.S. Thank you to Jim Hanas and Kirsten Wheaton for their editorial and technological help.